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You can do this in Apoteket's app Manage all your prescription matters With the app, you can easily manage all prescription …

You can do this in Apoteket’s app

Manage all your prescription matters

With the app, you can easily manage all prescription matters for yourself, your children, your pets and people you have a power of attorney for. Once you’ve logged in, you can see all the important details about the high-cost protection, such as the current period, how much you have left for free cards and which discount you’re entitled to. You can chat directly in the app if you have questions about medication treatment, the effect of the medication, how medications work together, and more.
Smart reminders and offers

Reminders save time and ensure you don’t miss anything important. You will be reminded when the high cost period is coming to an end, when it is possible to make new withdrawals on your prescriptions and when it is time to renew your prescription. Also take the opportunity to activate push notifications for promotions and offers, so you don’t miss a good offer.

Give powers of attorney and act for someone else

In logged-in mode, with a few clicks you can give digital powers of attorney and view and manage your existing powers of attorney. With a power of attorney, you can handle all pharmacy matters for someone else or have someone else handle your pharmaceutical matters.

Shop from our entire range

The app contains Apoteket’s entire range of over 40,000 items, including medicines. You will also find the latest in beauty and health as well as products that make everyday life easier and cheaper. It is easy to add medicines to the shopping basket or – if you have started adding medicines – add other goods to your shopping basket with one click. It’s easy to search or access your favorite list to find favorite products. We’ve also made it easy to scan the product’s barcode to get directly to that product.

Customized for you

Log in and have the app customized for you. See your membership, bonus, favorite products and personal offers directly in the app. Receive and manage the notifications you have activated, see current and previous orders or manage/update your personal data.
Renew prescriptions digitally
Under your recipes you will see which recipes can be renewed. You simply click on the button and you will be linked to our partner Doktor24. You remain logged in and identified and can quickly and easily renew your prescriptions.

Seek care digitally

You can seek care around the clock, every day of the week. By clicking on ‘Search Care’, you are easily linked to Doktor24, you remain logged in and can quickly get started with your care visit.

Search, find and save pharmacies

Search for pharmacies near you and see how far it is to get there. If you click on ‘Map’, you can get directions to the selected pharmacy. You can also search for a pharmacy by entering the zip code, city or name of the pharmacy. Select a pharmacy to be able to see the current stock status for various products.
Chat with us

Do you have a question? In addition to email and phone, you can also chat with us. For questions relating to personal information such as your prescriptions and payment information, you are required to identify yourself with a bank ID or code.
Pay as you want, when you want

When you shop at Apoteket, you always pay on your own terms. Pay immediately, later or split the payment. We always have an alternative that fits.
To your home or pick up at any location, fast, precise and durable
With us, you simply choose the time and place you want to receive your goods. Sometimes you want to pick up your packages and sometimes you want to order your goods home. Regardless of whether you want your goods quickly or wait a few days, all our transports are 100% climate compensated and we work hard to become completely climate neutral.

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