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🏆 Battery Guru: Your Premier Battery MonitorBattery Guru is the ultimate app for monitoring your phone's battery, providing insights …

🏆 Battery Guru: Your Premier Battery Monitor
Battery Guru is the ultimate app for monitoring your phone's battery, providing insights into your device's power usage, battery health, and more, including charging speed, battery voltage, estimated capacity, and detailed statistics separated by screen on/off cycles.

📊 Battery Insights and Management
With this app, you can actively oversee your battery's capacity, configure alarms and reminders for battery level, temperature, and increased usage, while also gaining real-time usage statistics. The wide array of features at your disposal allows you to seamlessly monitor your battery's performance. Alarms serve as a valuable tool, alerting you when your battery reaches specific temperature and level thresholds.

🔋 Battery Health Monitoring
Battery health refers to the condition and performance of a battery, which can deteriorate over time and usage. It is important to monitor and maintain battery health for several reasons:

• 🚀 Performance: As batteries degrade, their ability to hold a charge and provide power diminishes, leading to reduced performance and shorter battery life.

• 🛡️ Safety: Batteries that are in poor condition or have been damaged can pose a safety hazard, such as overheating or exploding.

• 💰 Cost: Replacing batteries can be expensive, and maintaining good battery health can prolong their lifespan and save money in the long run.

• 🌍 Environment: Proper disposal of damaged or depleted batteries is important for environmental reasons, as they can release harmful chemicals and contribute to pollution.

Pro Tip: To maintain good battery health, avoid extreme temperatures and monitor usage to prevent overcharging or over-discharging.

By actively monitoring your battery's well-being, you can take proactive steps to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Battery Guru employs its proprietary algorithm to estimate battery capacity, which includes a comprehensive analysis of past battery charging history for enhanced accuracy. With each charging cycle, Battery Guru becomes more adept at precisely estimating battery health. While battery health is subject to fluctuations due to temperature changes and aging, Battery Guru strives to provide realistic statistics rooted in the app's measured past battery history.

📈 Overall Battery Statistics
Battery Guru provides a wide range of battery statistics suitable for all users. To ensure user understanding, the app includes informative tip cards that describe each functionality, helping you grasp the meaning and behavior of your battery.

These features include:
• Measuring battery capacity with support for dual battery configurations.
• Obtaining estimated battery health at any time.
• Setting battery level and temperature alarms at configured thresholds, allowing the app to notify you.
• Monitoring application battery usage and wake-locks since the last unplug.
• Checking time until a full charge and remaining time until your battery reaches 0%.
• Monitoring deep sleep and awake time to understand when your device remains awake when the screen is off.
• Receiving detailed ongoing notifications for real-time battery statistics.
• Saving your phone's battery charging and discharging history.

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