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Have you ever dreamed of having your own goblin mine? No? In any case, now you have one! Cute …

Have you ever dreamed of having your own goblin mine? No? In any case, now you have one! Cute goblin miners are waiting for you, without your help, there's no way they can earn gold or find gems!

What awaits you in this adventure?

– Upgrade shafts and destroy stones to open the next mine!
– Combine lower level goblins to get stronger ones!
– What's that glittering in that stone… Smash the stones to find all the hidden rewards!
– Cards, gold, two shiny pickaxes. Collect cards, so your goblins get a variety of bonuses!
– Each time you open a mine, your goblins become more experienced and bring in more gold!
– Boom! What was that?! A cannon! Will it fire a barrel of goblin, dynamite or gold? Hurry up and check it out!
– Have fun in a variety of events! Conquer the wild jungle, be careful near the volcano, stay warm in the snow, and enjoy the candies!
– Be on top! Be the fastest on getting through events to get the most goodies!
– Planning is the key to success! Can you blaze the right trail in time to collect all the rewards?

Do you like idle or merge games? Then you should definitely try Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger! Goblins need a wise leader! Clear the mines of stones, gather resources, make your little green army stronger by combining them and getting cards, and brag about your achievements with your friends!

Are you ready to help the little goblins on their challenging adventure? Can you help them reach the deepest mines? We believe in you! With Gold and Goblins, you won't notice how time flies by in a traffic jam or at a boring meeting! Go ahead, download the game quickly and start digging!

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