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Introducing the continuation of the popular driving simulator on Android devices!This time, you'll get behind the wheel of the …

Introducing the continuation of the popular driving simulator on Android devices!

This time, you'll get behind the wheel of the legendary off-road vehicle UAZ HUNTER! This is a popular off-road vehicle produced by the USSR, with a modern military style!
A true combination of strong Russian character and aggressive power! In this game, you'll get behind the wheel of this off-road vehicle and embark on adventures, discovering a huge game world filled with various events and challenges! Onward to victory!

Game features:

🔸 You'll find a truly huge, well-developed, and diverse game world with unique events and opportunities! Players will not only travel by car as in previous games of the series, but also move on foot for the first time. Visit unique game locations (houses, hospitals, police stations, and much more).

🔸 Immerse yourself in the story of the main character and decide whose side you're on! (Complete over 60 story missions from different characters that players will meet in the game world).

🔸 Life simulation (Now players will experience hunger, fatigue, and the need for food, etc.).

🔸 Win the gold cup "OFFRoad Legend" become the best racer in the region! (Complete over 80 racing competitions in different types of races – sprint, circle, time-trophy, orientation, etc. Hire a mechanic for your team and join racing clubs).

🔸 Improve your driving level! (Take exams at driving school, get new categories, and unlock new opportunities in the game).

🔸 Become the best employee at the cargo transportation company "LeaderCargo" (Open a wide selection of different cargoes for transportation, the ability to buy your own personal trailer, etc.!)

🔸 Upgrade and tune your car at the new service center (Install dozens of different modifications, styles, etc. on your car. Players can paint their car in a unique color style, apply stickers to their car, change the engine sound, and much more).

🔸 Discover a new hobby! (Buy the necessary equipment at the store and go fishing at the pond).

🔸 Interact with the surrounding world! (Engage in logging, transport metal, open containers, and much more).

🔸 Learn the history of the creation of Uaz Hunter (Collect all the fragments hidden throughout the game world).

🔸 Improve your skills! (By gaining experience, the player will be able to unlock new skills and opportunities)

And much more awaits you! Good luck on the road, respectfully ABGames89!

✅ For a stable game, you need at least 2 GB of RAM on your device!

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Last updated on Jan 4, 2024

- Fixed MP3 player on Android 13 and higher - Fixes in hunting mode

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